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Thrift Flip Lounge Set

I recently thrifted some crew neck sweatshirts from and one of the items I received was this oversized camo crewneck. My purpose for putting in this order was to get some new items to flip and try out some new techniques. Camo is definitely not my look so I wanted to do something to make it more my style and a little trendier. I have been seeing sleep and lounge matching sets all over Instagram, and I thought this was the perfect opportunity to DIY my own! 

There are a few things to make note of before we dive into the tutorial. The first being this is a size XL sweatshirt and you will definitely need a sweater very large on you to have enough material to do this project successfully. You should also understand this is a very quick project and with that, it is not perfect. Sizing is a little off because I did not do anything extra to differentiate between front and back so there is no extra room for your butt. With that being said I designed this two-piece set to be lounge-around-the-house wear and it serves its purpose and fits my body. 

This was the starting state of my crewneck and I have no doubt you could thrift something exactly like this.  

To start off, I put it on to determine where I wanted it cropped while still having enough material for the shorts. I decided to do it about 1 ½” below where the armpits are. I laid the sweatshirt out making sure the front and back were perfectly lined up and folded it in half so it was easier to make sure it was straight when cutting it. At this point it should look like this:

I then cut across my determined length. You should be left with two pieces looking like the picture below. Now your cropped sweater is done! I chose not to hem the bottom of it because I liked the raw look and the jersey cotton material will not fray. If you want to hem it, you can by turning the bottom under twice and doing a straight stitch across it.

My next step was folding the bottom material in half and laying shorts I like to determine where to cut. You should place the shorts inside out in half with the crotch pulled out. You are going to cut along that edge. 

After I cut the crotch out I unfolded the material and cut open the two straight edges to make it into to two separate pieces.

Next, I took the two pieces and laid them right sides together. I sewed a straight stitch along the two curved edges. 

Once that was done, I pulled those seams to the center. At this point, you can see it actually starts to look like shorts! You are now going to sew that bottom edge together to form the leg holes. 

Then, I folded the top of the shorts over once and created a tunnel for my elastic by finishing the top. I decided to use a really thin piece of elastic for this look. Sew that edge now leaving a gap big enough to insert the elastic. At this point, I took my elastic and measured it around my waist and cut it to that length. I then attached a safety pin to one end of the elastic and snaked it through the tunnel I made. You should now sew the two ends of the elastic together and close the gap in your top. 

Your shorts are now done. I absolutely love how my two-piece lounge set came out. It is so cozy and such an easy upcycle to do. I hope your flip turns out as well as mine. Share your results with us by using #alterie or emailing us at [email protected]!