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Pet Bandana + Matching Scrunchie

Pet Bandana + Matching Scrunchie


This is an easy project anyone with basic sewing knowledge can do! I absolutely love making these for my pups and all my friends. A matching bandana and scrunchie set is super cute for you and your four-legged best friend. This is a great beginner project for hand sewing or a machine. You can do this project with leftover scraps or clothes you just don’t like anymore. One of my favorite ways to get material for these is thrifted bed sheets. You are able to make so many this way and it’s incredibly cheap.  For this tutorial, I used a pillow case that I thrifted for $1.Please email me if you try it, I would love to see pictures of you and your doggo.




I started by using a bandana I already had to lay on top of for measurement. It ended up being about 19” on the two sides and 27” across for my large dog. 

I cut from the corner of the pillow case but if you are using different material you can cut two identical triangles. If you are going with that method, put those two pieces right sides together and sew along the two sides leaving the top open. Now you should flip it inside out and attach a safety pin to the point of the bandana and flip it back to right sides together. 

Sew up the top edge leaving a small gap enough for the safety pin to get through. 

You can now flip it out using the safety pin through the gap you left. Now close the gap by turning it inwards and sewing across it and you’re done! Iron it down so the seams look clean and it’s ready to be worn!


The pattern I use is a rectangle 3.5” x 21” 

You can adjust the length if you want it to be more or less scrunched, these dimensions are just my preferences and what I think looks best.

Fold the fabric in half right sides together longways (hotdog style if you will) and sew along the edge. Attach a safety pin to one ende and invert it. Cut a thin piece of elastic just longer than the length of a hair tie and insert it through the tube. Tie the elastic in a knot or sew it together. Now attach the fabric together by inserting one side into the other and sew it shut. You now have a scrunchie!